Sharing Cities: An Exploration into Heterotopia. 

Explored the space of communal gardens around Sydney; how they work, the way the spaces contrast the surrounding areas and the emotions of gardeners/residents. This lead me to explore the theory of heterotopia as a green space - defining what a space is based on the data gathered through observational mapping. These findings were translated into print outcomes containing:

A photobook with various green spaces explored and the contrasting locations they surround.
A concertina exploring the poetic connections of the emotions highlighted throughout the initial data. The contrast of positive and negative emotions altered through typographic play, size, colour and spacing, distinguishes patterns within the data producing a narrative.
A poster focusing on the theory of psycho-geography. Inspired by the Situationist maps. Drifters and the ambiance are used to reinterpret the data that explores the possibilities on how all three concepts are possibly co-dependent or can coexist with each other.

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles