Off the Beaten Path was a group exhibition encapsulating a certain point in time where the uncertainties of life, careers and friendships became apparent. What did we like? What did we want to explore? Where to from here?

It was a trip to celebrate the end of an era and a time in which shaped us all individually. 

The exhibition showcased a combination of projected videos on top of still images taken from the landscapes of the South Island in New Zealand. These were taken on analog cameras, using digital technology to bring to life, ultimately combining our creative interests together.  

There was further exploration within the realm of machine learning, where I ran our film photos into a code that would sort through each pixel to output a new image. Could it sort through this feeling of uncertainty? Capture the idea of the unknown?  

These pixel sorts were then rendered as videos and projected onto the floor of the gallery space.

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles